AI driving innovation forward

The Automotive and Mobility industry is making a once in a century transition of its core technologies. The shift from the internal combustion engine (ICE) toward electric vehicles (EVs) gets the most attention in the press. AI is enabling a transition that is just as profound.

Connectivity, sensors, and software deploying AI is enabling a fundamental shift in the driving experience, adding new sources of revenue for companies while also changing the culture of the automotive industry into a mobility outlook.

Some envisioned a rapid transition to fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) with mobility services provided by “robo-taxis.” This extreme optimism has, in many circles, shifted to extreme pessimism.

AV technology is advancing in off-road applications. This capacity will further transform as sensors and AI increase capacity. Driver assistance technology continues to advance and its applications are increasingly both more robust and more widespread within new on-road vehicles.

We advise clients globally on a wide range of related issues including certification and testing requirements for AI-driven technology in autonomous and connected vehicles, how to mitigate risk and identify liability as AI plays a larger role in automated driving systems, and how to manage and protect the increasing amounts of private data being generated by AI capacity in connected and autonomous vehicles.

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