Consumer NFT Guide Generate report

The rapid growth and volatility of the non-fungible token (“NFT”) market has caught consumers, brands and regulators by surprise. But NFTs themselves and related legal issues are still not fully understood. This guide enables our clients to compare and contrast across jurisdictions in the USA, Europe and APAC the status of the NFT market, the key legal issues impacting the NFT industry – including regulatory, IP, finance, data privacy, and cybersecurity implications – and how the NFT market is expected to further develop.

Due to the complexity and intricacies in how NFTs are (or, in some jurisdictions, are not yet) regulated, identifying the applicable laws and carefully assessing the potential concerns at an upfront stage can minimize the risks for those already active in the NFT market and for those considering getting involved in the NFT industry alike. Taking the rapidly-evolving legal landscape into account, our offices across the globe can assist our clients with an in-depth knowledge of and comprehensive strategies in dealing with NFT issues.