How to use the site

Welcome to the Hogan Lovells Digital Assets and Blockchain Hub.

The Hub caters for different levels of understanding and interest of blockchain and the legal issues around it.

Legal and regulatory developments

The Hub tracks legal and regulatory developments in over 120 jurisdictions, U.S. states and supranational organisations.

Use the map or 'View as list' function on the Hub's homepage to access legal and regulatory developments for individual jurisdictions, U.S. states or supranational organisations, such as the main EU institutions, the Financial Action Task Force, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and many others.

The developments are presented in reverse chronological order and can be filtered by regulator, application, topic, industry sector, or a combination of those. The text of some longer developments is not immediately visible, so click on the + sign next to the development to see the entire text. You can also expand the text of all developments by clicking on 'Expand all'. 

Hovering over the icons on the right of the image at the top of the page provides direct links to the contacts for the jurisdiction in question and well as our insight articles and also allows you to generate a report of legal and regulatory developments (see below).

Applications, topics and industry sectors

The DAB Hub also explains how blockchain is, or can be, used in respect of particular applications, topics and industry sectors as well as the main legal issues that arise from that use.

As on the homepage, use the map or "View as list" function on each individual application, topic or industry sector page to access legal and regulatory developments for individual jurisdictions, U.S. states or supranational organisations. The content will be automatically filtered based on your application, topic or industry sector of choice, but you can remove the filter to see all the content for that page.

Key regulatory policy developments

This section focuses on the key areas of policy development that we are tracking. Split out into APAC, EU, UK, UAE and the US, we provide focused tracking, insight and analysis on what is happening in each jurisdiction. Select a jurisdiction and find out the latest updates on regulations that are in force but also what you can expect to see coming into force soon. 

Blockchain and Cryptoassets overviews

These two sections answer key questions around blockchain and cryptoassets, such as what they are, what they are for, the different types available and so on.

Generate report

Use this page to create a PDF of legal and regulatory developments for your choice of jurisdiction, U.S. state or supranational entities.

A complete explanation on how to do this can be found on the Generate report page.