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As innovation surges, the AI landscape is evolving rapidly. Our interactive AI Hub serves as a central resource covering the latest trends and developments. Explore the Hub to find our recent thought leadership, navigate new laws and regulations, and to get in touch with our AI market-leaders.

Our 2024 Elections Hub will keep you updated with the latest insights on the key elections taking place in 2024 around the globe.

Use our interactive global guide for a country-by-country breakdown of the regulations, laws, and voluntary standards that impact ESG-related issues in each jurisdiction.

Welcome to HER, the Hogan Lovells ESG Risk Reader, our online tool designed to empower in-house counsel and ESG professionals with a deeper understanding of ESG risks that may impact your organization. As guardians of legal compliance and risk mitigation, you play a pivotal role in guiding organizations’ ESG practices.

The ESG Litigation Guide provides detailed analysis of European and international ESG litigation cases, both decided and pending. It includes details on the claims raised by the parties, the relevant legislation, public statements by interested parties, as well as links to judgements and press reports.

Our interactive Energy Transition Hub serves as a central resource covering the latest trends and developments. Explore the Hub to find global insights into regulatory developments, energy technology, and geopolitical issues shaping the energy transition.

The DAB Hub is a one-stop-shop for all of your questions. Whether it's to find out the latest regulatory developments or learn about new applications of the technology, the DAB Hub has you covered.

A practical and straightforward overview of the key international sanctions regimes, allowing you to assess key sanctions risks at a glance, manage the impact of sanctions on your business, and keep abreast of the latest developments by receiving insight and analysis from the Hogan Lovells International Trade team.

Praktische Lösungen und Wissenswertes rund um die Herausforderungen und vielfältigen Möglichkeiten der HR-Digitalisierung.

Our Consumer Duty Hub brings together recent developments, insights, webinars and videos from our Financial Services, Insurance and Litigation lawyers and our Consulting team on a range of Consumer Duty-related topics.

No matter what, the unexpected is guaranteed to arise. Take our assessment to find out how prepared you really are, and use our checklists and case studies to benchmark your policies against others.

Our Digital Services Act Guide allows you to easily navigate the articles and recitals, and review the  comprehensive set of questions which our DSA taskforce has identified around the wording, scope, legal and commercial impact of the Digital Services Act.

Take our questionnaire to determine whether the revised EBA Guidelines apply to your outsourcing arrangements and request our customised report on the EBA requirements applicable.

Behalten Sie den Überblick über die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Beschäftigtendatenschutz mit unserem Employee Data Protection Hub.

Designed to support and manage your internal encryption classification process by guiding you through the encryption classification analysis using a simple but powerful questionnaire, identifying your reporting obligations, and reminding you when reports are due.

Testen Sie mit unserem Tool kostenlos und schnell das Risiko einer etwaigen Scheinselbstständigkeit eines von Ihnen beauftragten Freelancers und erhalten Sie eine erste Risikoeinschätzung sowie die dazugehörige Dokumentation für eine Rentenkassen-Prüfung. 

Use legal tech to check if your transaction can lead to a mandatory or voluntary FDI filing in Germany and if so, whether you should expect any regulatory obstacles for closing.

Use our interactive guide to discover the answers to frequently asked questions about internal investigations across the world, covering areas such as corporate liability, public and commercial bribery and the extraterritorial applicability of criminal laws.

Our HR Contract Creator lets you create employment contracts and key HR documents quickly and easily whilst accessing up-to-date, field-tested templates.

This interactive guide offers best practices for businesses partnering with social media influencers to promote products and services online. 

Follow major regulatory changes and keep up to date with the developing approach to foreign investment in China.

Our simple and straightforward questionnaire will give you a preliminary view on the compliance of your joint tendering agreement with antitrust rules.

IBOR transition is one of the most challenging tasks that the global financial services industry has ever faced. Hogan Lovells' cross-border, multi-disciplinary teams are here to help you to navigate this complex task.

Use our SCC Tool to automatically generate Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) tailored to your international transfer of personal data.

This Hub brings together recent developments, insights and webinars from our Corporate Insurance lawyers to help you keep track of the proposed changes to Solvency UK and Solvency II as they progress through the respective legislative and regulatory processes.

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Compliance Club

Welcome to the Hogan Lovells Compliance Club, an invitation-only club for in-house compliance counsel based in the UK to keep up to date with regulatory developments and network with fellow professionals.

Consumer Credit Academy

Our Consumer Credit Academy is a series of interactive training modules created by our industry-leading lawyers that will help you and your teams comply with the Consumer Credit regime.

Cryptoasset Activity AML Registration

Our AML registration tool gives you practical guidance on the requirements you must meet and the expectations of the FCA. It has everything you need to quickly create best-in-class documents for a straightforward and successful application.

Education GOES International

A compilation of country-by-country guidance focused on the most common regulatory and compliance issues facing online programs, such as authorization, accreditation, privacy and tax.

Electronic Signatures

Explore and contrast the key legal and practical considerations relating to the electronic signature of commercial agreements around the world

ESG Global Vision for Financial Institutions & Insurers

Our interactive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) tool focuses on the key regulatory ESG developments relevant to financial institutions and insurers.

Master Drug Compliance Program

Access our comprehensive set of master drug compliance policy templates, with dedicated support from our lawyers included to help bespoke your documents.

Medical Device HIPAA Compliance Toolkit

We simplify HIPAA compliance and provide documentation to help your company implement a HIPAA compliance program.

Payment Services Academy

Our Payment Services Academy is a series of interactive training modules created by our industry-leading lawyers that will help you and your teams comply with the new Payment Services Regulations.

PISP / AISP Authorisation

Our authorisation tool provides a straightforward guide to the requirements of applying for registration as an account information service provider or for authorisation as a payment initiation service provider.

Senior Managers And Certification Regime

In December 2019, the regime was extended to cover all regulated financial firms. Our toolkit offers a seamless approach to the SMCR, combining the expertise of our legal and financial services regulatory consulting teams to help get you where you need to be.