Digital Transformation

Welcome to another season of The Influencers, where we bring you insightful conversations with leaders from business, academia and regulating authorities about all aspects of digital transformation and law. How will AI, big data, asset tokenization and other deep digital technologies interact with the emerging laws and regulations? How to support innovation and progress without compromising ethical standards and the need for social responsibility? What are the stories behind new business ventures or legislative initiatives? And most of all: how to harness technological advancements to create wealth and wellbeing for all?

From tangible to tokenized: legalities of digital assets I Ulrich Segna, Dean of EBS Law School

22 May 2024

Join Prof. Ulrich Segna, the Dean of EBS Law School, and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach as they explore the evolving landscape of securities and civil law principles that shape the intersection of traditional and digital assets, share insights on changing legal frameworks, and discuss emerging civil law principles in the context of digital value. 

About Prof. Segna: Prof. Ulrich Segna is the Dean of EBS Law School and Professor of Civil Law, Commercial and Business Law, Law of Non-Profit Organizations. EBS Universität is the oldest private business school in Germany and includes business, law, and executive schools.

Cloud computing for AI applications – the world of GPUs, CPUs and other hardware infrastructure – Stefan Schiefer, CEO, Genesis Cloud

8 May 2024

Join Stefan Schiefer, CEO of Genesis Cloud, and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach as they delve into the intricate dynamics of cloud computing for AI applications, explore how advancements in GPU technology drive the evolution of cloud services for AI applications, and envision the transformative potential and societal impacts of these innovations. 

About Genesis Cloud: Genesis Cloud is the leading AI-first cloud for training and inference of enterprise AI applications. Genesis Cloud offerings are built on NVIDIA reference architecture on the most powerful AI hardware available and provide managed services to power modern AI enterprise applications.

Unlocking potential: The promise of digital asset evolution - Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO, Avrio Worldwide

24 April 2024

Avrio Worldwide CEO and Global Digital Finance Executive Co-Chair Lawrence Wintermeyer unpacks his crystal ball with Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach as they explore next steps for digital assets, where the greatest promise lies, and what’s on the horizon for real world asset tokenization. 

About Avrio Worldwide: Avrio is a financial services technology company providing market infrastructure, services, and data on an institutional grade full technology stack transacting across public markets, private markets and digital markets.

Hope amidst despair: TeleHelp Ukraine I Solomiia Savchuk, Founding CEO, TeleHelp Ukraine

10 April 2024

Join Solomiia Savchuk, Founding CEO of TeleHelp Ukraine, and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach as they share the powerful story of how a group of Stanford Medical School students harnessed the power of technology to bring badly needed medical and mental health support to the heart of war-torn Ukraine.

About Telehelp Ukraine: TeleHelp Ukraine provides free quality medical and mental health support to Ukrainians affected by the war through telemedicine services from a global network of clinicians, interpreters, and volunteers with a focus on patient advocacy and care coordination. Learn more, volunteer, or contribute at

The future of tokenization I Katey Neate, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Assets at BNY Mellon

27 March 2024

Katey Neate, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Assets at BNY Mellon, and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach explore the future of tokenization, including what we will and won’t see in 2024, extending existing products to service digital assets, the rate of adoption for liquid and illiquid assets, new asset classes, and how technology can keep up with demand. 

About Katey Neate: Katey is the Chief Operating Officer, Digital Assets, at BNY Mellon. Based in London, Katey has been with BNY Mellon since 2003 and has extensive and diverse experience in the financial services industry, particularly with risk and digital assets. She is actively involved in advising leadership of digital asset startups on business and risk management strategy, which includes representing BNY Mellon on the board of Coin Metrics.

Exploring the UK’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Regulation Bill with its author

13 March 2024

Lord Holmes of Richmond, a Member of the UK House of Lords, and Hogan Lovells host John Salmon discuss Lord Holmes’ Artificial Intelligence (Regulation) Bill, a Private Members’ Bill that is currently under discussion in Parliament: why he believes it’s time for Britain to regulate, how the proposed approach compares to those taken by other countries, and how ultimately the right kind of regulation can make AI a meaningful benefit to society.

About Lord Holmes: Lord Chris Holmes is an active member of the House of Lords with a policy focus on digital technology for public good. A passionate advocate for the potential of technology and the benefits of diversity and inclusion, he recently introduced the Artificial Intelligence (Regulation) Bill into the UK Parliament. You can learn more about the Bill and Lord Holmes’ work in the space by visiting his website at, his blog at, or connect with him on LinkedIn @lordchrisholmes.

Data flows, AI policies & system security I Dr. Barbara Holzer, Senior Director Government Affairs for Central Europe, Salesforce

28 February 2024

Dr. Barbara Holzer, Senior Director Government Affairs for Central Europe, Salesforce, and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach cover the issues impacting data and its effective and safe usage in AI supported business operations.

About Barbara Holzer: After almost two decades with a world leading auto manufacturer, Dr. Barbara Holzer now focuses on government relations for Salesforce, which brings a particular focus on the security, use, and regulation of data & AI.

The challenges of getting AI regulation right I Ryan Dolby-Stevens, Head of AI & Algorithms for Uber's EMEA Legal team

14 February 2024

Ryan Dolby-Stevens Head of AI & Algorithms for Uber's EMEA Legal team, and Hogan Lovells host Telha Arshad tackle the complexity and possible trajectory of AI regulation.

About Ryan Dolby-Stevens: A seasoned in-house counsel at Uber and former private practitioner, Ryan draws on his background in commercial litigation, regulatory and compliance issues to lead one of Uber’s newest in-house legal teams.

Bias-sensitive AI and the human factor - Rosmarie Steininger, Founder and Managing Director, CHEMISTREE

31 January 2024

Rosmarie Steininger, Founder and Managing Director of CHEMISTREE, and Hogan Lovells host Leopold von Gerlach address how AI can work in an ethical, bias-sensitive way with human relationships. 

About CHEMISTREE: CHEMISTREE uses AI to provide tailor-made matching solutions for human resources that support recruiting, onboarding, mentoring and more. 

AI driven venture capital investments to promote quality and fairness in VC funding - Eva-Valérie Gfrerer, Founder & CEO, Morphais

17 January 2024

Eva-Valérie Gfrerer, Founder & CEO of Morphais, and Hogan Lovells host Leopold von Gerlach dissect how using data-driven investing can benefit the fairness and quality of investment decisions. 

About Morphais: Morphais is an Early Stage Quant VC, investing into technology founders at the pre-seed and seed stage.  Using a data and technology-driven investment approach, Morphais aims to reduce human error and bias throughout the investment value chain and builds on scalable processes to allocate capital with greater accuracy and maximum speed.

Exploring the ins and outs of decentralized finance - Henry Elder, Managing Director and Head of Decentralized Finance at Wave Digital Assets

13 December 2023

Henry Elder, the head of decentralized finance for Wave Digital Assets, and Hogan Lovells host Leopold von Gerlach break down the fascinating world of decentralized finance through an exploration of both the challenges and the opportunities that the ecosystem brings.

About Wave Digital Assets: Wave Digital Assets is a SEC-registered investment advisory firm that provides a unique combination of venture capital, fund, and private wealth management to the digital asset ecosystem.

Empowering women through the digital transformation I Lynne Marlor, Women in Digital Assets Forum

29 November 2023

Lynne Marlor, co-Founder of Women in Digital Assets Forum and BNYMellon alum, and host and Hogan Lovells partner Leopold von Gerlach explore how we can create an ecosystem that empowers women to help address the future-facing issues raised by the digital transformation. 

About WIDAF: The Women in Digital Assets Forum (WIDAF) is driven by the vision of fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for women to thrive, contribute, and excel in the world of digital assets and fintech. Their mission is to empower, inspire, and connect women by providing them with the tools to become catalysts for change in this rapidly accelerating ecosystem. Visit WIDAF.CO to learn more.

Cyber risk & resiliency from an operating perspective - Charlie Lewis, McKinsey

15 November 2023

Charlie Lewis, a McKinsey partner, and Hogan Lovells partner Leopold von Gerlach explore how organization and operating training and awareness impact a company’s cyber risk and resiliency. 

About Charlie Lewis: Charlie Lewis is a McKinsey partner, former U.S. Army cyber operations officer and current West Point associate professor. He leads McKinsey’s cyber transformation service line with a focus on the human side of digital risk across industries and geographies. 

An interdisciplinary approach to AI - Mary-Rose McGuire, Professor at the University of Osnabrück

1 November 2023

Mary-Rose McGuire, an academic leader on the intersection of IP and technology, and Hogan Lovells host Leopold von Gerlach explore the necessity and opportunities of an interdisciplinary approach to AI, and what that means for the law.

About Mary-Rose: Mary-Rose McGuire holds law degrees from the Universities of Vienna, Göttingen and Osnabrück. She was appointed as full professor at the University of Mannheim in 2010 and currently has a chair in civil law, intellectual property and civil procedure law at the University of Osnabrück. Her main fields of research are all areas of intellectual property law, in particular licence contracts, trade secret protection and (cross-border) infringement litigation, with a special focus on European harmonisation.

Harnessing the power of data - Knut Mager, Veeva

17 October 2023

Knut Mager, a thirty-year life sciences and legal veteran and current Group General Counsel for Link and OpenData at Veeva Systems, and Hogan Lovells partner Leopold von Gerlach explore data’s next frontier.

About Knut and Veeva: Knut Mager is a senior industry leader with over 30 years of experience in strategy, legal, compliance and governance in the pharmaceutical industry. Formerly Novartis’ Head Global Data Privacy and Group Data Protection Officer, he is now the Group General Counsel, Link and OpenData at Veeva Systems, a global provider of industry-specific cloud-based software solutions that address the unique operating challenges and regulatory requirements of companies in the Life Sciences & Consumer Products industries. Learn more at  

Using digital assets to achieve financial inclusion & transparency - Jane Khodarkovsy, Celo Foundation

13 October 2023

Jane Khodarkovsky, General Counsel of the Celo Foundation and former U.S. federal prosecutor, joins Hogan Lovells host Leopold von Gerlach to discuss how blockchain and other digital technologies facilitate financial inclusion and transparency throughout society – and what’s around the next corner.

About the Celo Foundation: The Celo Foundation supports the growth and development of the decentralized, open source, mobile-first Celo platform to help build a carbon-negative financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity for all. The Foundation is guided by the Celo community tenets and contributes to education, technical research, environmental health, community engagement, and ecosystem outreach – activities that support and encourage an inclusive financial system. For more about Celo, visit