Tech policy’s next big challenge: Divergent approaches to regulating AI

The rapid growth of AI and its ramifications for nearly all aspects of society and the economy is placing increasing pressure on the U.S. and European governments to proactively set regulations and guardrails for this nascent technological revolution. While AI regulation is only in its infancy, we are already seeing divergent regulatory approaches on either side of the Atlantic. What is clear, however, is that AI policy will be a hotly debated issue in the halls of government for years to come.


Even in a bitterly divided Washington, Congress and the Biden Administration are keenly focused on the growth of AI. Over the coming months and years, we expect this focus to grow and AI policymaking efforts to intensify.


The explosion in the use and application of generative AI since late 2022 has put its regulation firmly at the center of the policy agenda across Europe. Much has been said about the vast potential for AI to change every facet of ordinary life, but some have also expressed concerns about potential harms, including bias, inaccuracy, and infringement of rights.

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