AI use-cases in platform businesses: Brussels steps up regulation

As AI systems develop at a rapid pace, the EU is stepping up regulation and consumer protection measures.

The digital landscape, and consumer protection in general, specifically in relation to AI systems, focuses strongly on all forms of online platform businesses. Social media platforms, online marketplaces, search engines, and other online businesses have been newly regulated under the Digital Services Act (DSA). The Act imposes new obligations with respect to use of AI systems in content moderation, advertising and recommender systems of online platforms. And beyond the DSA, Brussels is propelling the legislative process for both the AI Act and the Data Act forward with renewed vigor.


AI is reshaping consumer engagement and supply chains

Consumer engagement is a key to profitability. AI-powered research tools and chatbots can help consumer-facing businesses learn what consumers are looking for and communicate with consumers round the clock in meaningful ways.

With the growing focus on how products are made and delivered, AI tools are becoming essential to monitoring supply chains. AI can help businesses confirm that products are sourced appropriately and identify potential enhancements to product development and delivery.

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