Building a better world for all. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) associated opportunities and risks are becoming more and more relevant for financial institutions. Not only do ESG considerations make sense for the environment, but sustainable operations are linked with better economic performance. Banks are therefore concerned not only with their own ESG footprint but also the ESG risks and opportunities they are subject to as a lender. This is coupled with a constant flow of new regulations which is bringing extensive compliance and horizon-scanning challenges for banks.

Sustainable Finance and Investment (SF&I) is a practice that helps clients who are predominantly in highly regulated sectors, including financial services, life sciences, tech and energy - we utilize a multidisciplinary approach, that draws in global regulatory and government public policy expertise to work alongside the core transactional and advisory teams, to help our clients manage ESG risks and maximize the opportunities for long-term sustainable profits and positive impact. We are committed to playing a leadership role in driving inclusive and sustainable development in which people and the planet prosper.

For our ESG theme, our cross-multidisciplinary team looks at the new regulatory regime for EU green bonds and what constitutes Regenerative Finance, or “ReFi”, and how developments in sustainability finance can create new opportunities for our Financial Institutions clients.

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