In a nutshell, both the new Financial Services and Markets Act and the Retained EU Law Act seek to provide a framework for managed divergence from the old EU law way of doing things and to ensure that the UK, in the way that it regulates areas that were previously governed by EU law, is fit for the future.
Andrew Eaton, Hogan Lovells

UK financial services: Beware potential regulatory pitfalls from FSMA 2023/REUL Act interaction



Next steps

In 2024, we expect more than ever to be working closely with clients to engage with government to secure opportunities for meaningful change and to mitigate unintended consequences from the regulatory churn. While this all adds up to turbulence and uncertainty in the UK regulatory landscape in the short to medium term, it also provides an opportunity for businesses looking to shape their regulatory environment and engage with policymakers on how to improve regulatory outcomes.

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