6 September 2021

FinTech Perspectives: Cryptoassets and artificial intelligence in EU regulation

As in other fields of digital transformation, the EU Commission wants to set a standard with its draft regulations for both cryptoassets, and artificial intelligence. But is it ready for the challenge? Both technologies will bring profound changes – in finance and elsewhere. Drafting adequate provisions for questions that are genuinely new is challenging, especially when the Commission stated priority is to ensure that the EU financial services regulatory framework should be innovation-friendly and should not pose obstacles to the application of new technologies. It is difficult to strike the balance right between legal certainty and the agility needed for future adjustments in a highly dynamic field.


Our FinTech Perspectives series, will explore the content, potential, and shortcomings as well as the areas that require further clarification in this important field of European legislation on digital transformation in the financial services sector.


Europe’s digital agenda

Within its overarching plan to Shape Europe’s Digital Future, The European Commission is determined to make the lead-up to 2030 Europe’s Digital Decade. This ambition has, aside from activities in other fields, resulted in an outpouring of legislative initiatives. The great majority of these initiatives aims to get an ever better handle on our digital reality to date. These legislative activities in more established fields of digitalization include:

New digital technologies



AI Regulation