Recent developments

14 July 2023

UK National Security and Investment Act – second Annual Report published

12 July 2023

A new dawn: The EU’s Foreign Subsidies Regulation applies from today

28 June 2023

Belgian FDI regime enters into force on 1 July 2023

4 April 2023

Knowing me, knowing MoU: UK Government reaches agreement on parliamentary scrutiny of NSI regime

16 March 2023

Challenging decisions made under the UK National Security and Investment Act 2021: key consideration

3 March 2023

Disruptive Technology Strike Force to enforce U.S. laws protecting advanced technologies

24 January 2023

APAC Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Legal Guide

6 January 2023

FDI Outlook 2023 – What to expect from national security reviews in the new year

24 October 2022

U.S. Government seeks to restrict biotechnology cooperation with China

20 September 2022

Recent CFIUS developments: Annual Report for 2021 & new executive order

16 September 2022

Second Annual Report on FDI Screening highlights importance of FDI in M&A transactions

16 September 2022

Green Means Go (subject to conditions): national security concerns with UK energy deal

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