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ESG Global Vision for Financial Institutions & Insurers

A comprehensive and interactive guide on the latest ESG issues affecting financial institutions and insurers.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have unprecedented importance for business. Driven by regulatory change, consumer and investor demand, financial institutions and insurers are making these issues central to core strategic decision-making.

The Hogan Lovells ESG Global Vision for Financial Institutions and Insurers provides regular, high-quality news analysis from our market-leading team of lawyers, to help you stay abreast of legal and regulatory ESG changes affecting financial institutions and insurers.

The challenge

ESG issues are increasingly important for financial institutions and insurers and changing at an unprecedented pace

Investors and corporates, big and small, need to act now to avoid losing their competitive edge and stay up to speed with the market

Monitoring relevant developments and assessing how they impact your business is a huge challenge for financial institutions and insurers in this fastmoving space

Failing to grasp requirements in this area and step up could lead to regulatory non-compliance, shareholder action, loss of investors, litigation and massive reputational damage

The solution

Up-to-the-minute ESG news and analysis from the Hogan Lovells team with relevant related material from external sources

Recent developments tagged by firm type, purpose and topic allowing you to search and filter for what you need

Coverage of the UK, EU and global initiatives

Generate custom reports, receive tailored email alerts and access a wealth of other ESG material from our related practices

ESG training for Financial Institutions & Insurers

We can deliver ESG training to suit your organisation's needs. Click here to find out more about the sessions we can tailor as you require.

ESG Global Vision

Click below for our interactive global guide for a country-by-country breakdown of the regulations, laws, and voluntary standards that impact ESG-related issues in each jurisdiction. The guide shows requirements applying to all sectors across broad topics including Governance, Business and Human Rights, Labour practices, Environment and more.

Key contacts

Sharon Lewis

Partner, Paris

Rita Hunter

Partner, London

Beata Balas-Noszczyk

Partner, Warsaw

John Beckman

Partner, Washington, D.C.

Alejandro González

Counsel, Madrid

Jeffrey Greenbaum

Partner, Rome

Dr. Sébastien Gros

Deputy Regional Managing Partner – EMEA, Paris

Stephanie Keen

Partner, Singapore

Andrew McGinty

Partner, Hong Kong

Eoin O'Connor

Managing Partner, Dublin

Jochen Seitz

Partner, Frankfurt