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Hogan Lovells
Encryption Assistant

The Hogan Lovells Encryption Assistant is designed to support and manage your internal encryption classification process by guiding you through the encryption classification analysis using a simple but powerful questionnaire, identifying your reporting obligations, and reminding you when reports are due. It will also help your organization maintain and manage encryption classifications and supporting documents in one place.

Encryption Assistant Tool


Key features

  • Enables you to quickly and easily complete an online questionnaire to help identify your encryption classification under the Export Administration Regulations
  • Provides guidance on encryption reporting requirements
  • Provides a copy of your classification report via email


Key features

  • Annual and biannual email reminders of your reporting requirements
  • Access to a secure database containing all your organization’s encryption assessments including the ability to download this data in multiple formats
  • Ability to assign and allocate encryption assessments to members of your organization for designated products, and send reminders to colleagues who are preparing the questionnaires
  • Ability to upload supporting documents as part of the questionnaire and access them later
  • Assign internal reference numbers to questionnaires
  • Ability to manage which users can access and answer questionnaires
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