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Digital Services Act Guide

Your guide to the draft Digital Services Act, flagging open questions around wording, scope and impact of the Act

On 16 November 2022, the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) entered into force. The DSA brings a major reform package for the regulation of all online intermediary businesses offering services to EU users. Online marketplaces, social media sites, app stores, search engines, and other services hosting and/or disseminating user generated / third party content are made subject to wide-ranging new compliance obligations.

Our Digital Services Act Guide allows you to easily navigate the articles and recitals, and review the comprehensive set of questions which our DSA taskforce has identified around the wording, scope, legal and commercial impact of the Digital Services Act.

Digital Services Act Guide

Spotlight on the Digital Services Act

The DSA builds on the liability regime of the E-Commerce Directive and provides new and revised obligations for all online intermediaries, in particular – and in order of increasing regulatory intensity – for hosting providers, online platforms (notably social networks, content sharing platforms and online marketplaces) and very large online platforms. The DSA addresses liability for illegal content, sets out new rules for notice and take down processes, and provides far-reaching transparency reporting obligations. It comes with a new framework of regulatory oversight and enforcement measures for Digital Services Coordinators and the European Commission.

Given the ambitious scope and anticipated commercial and legal impact of the legislation on a wide range of online services, intermediary businesses around the globe are intensively preparing for compliance. Our guide helps you spot grey areas, alignment conflicts with other regulatory frameworks and unclear scope and wording you may wish to consider during your preparations.

Our Digital Services Act Guide

  • Our guide will help you easily navigate and search the Act’s articles and recitals all in one place
  • Plain English summaries of each article help simplify complex legal concepts
  • Detailed commentary from our lawyers on individual articles highlight key questions and issues
  • Use our leading-edge functionality to write notes, create reading lists and submit questions to our DSA taskforce

DSA taskforce

We have a dedicated multi-jurisdictional global taskforce closely tracking the progress of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act including our technology regulation and policy, intellectual property, consumer and contracts, data protection and competition lawyers.

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