Weathering a political storm

In light of the current political landscape, global businesses are increasingly under scrutiny in the UK – and the CEO of a high-profile international pharma company was called to testify before a Parliamentary Select Committee.

With the media locked in on the brewing scandal, the Committee then publicly threatened to publish copies of highly confidential information and legal proceedings in other jurisdictions, raising complex issues of conflicting international rules and obligations. The possibility of of severe operational challenges, reputational damage and other liabilities loomed on the horizon. We were careful to ensure the priorities of our client, the Committee and the media were balanced and addressed at each stage.

We helped our client navigate the political, legal and commercial decisions along the way and helped them dodge various pitfalls. In short order, we prepared witnesses for hearings that would seal the Company’s fate on the matter. At the end, the Company moved forward with its business and reputation still intact.

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